Doodle (Graphic Score) for Trio Atem.

Royal Musical Association postgraduate student conference 13-15 January 2011


The conference will take place at the University of Manchester (Martin Harris Centre) from 13-15 January 2011. The conference will include:

* A lunchtime concert of postgraduate student compositions by Trio Atem
* A Keynote Address by Dr Martin Stokes (University of Oxford)
* A session on Life After Your PhD: Academia and Other Careers, featuring Thomas Schmidt-Beste (NAMHE) and Dr Abigail Gilmore (Arts Management)
* A session on Getting Published, featuring Rebecca Taylor from Cambridge University Press, Dr Rebecca Herissone, editor of Music and Letters, and Dr Caroline Bithell, chair of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology
* A session on Getting Performed, featuring Andrew Kurowski, New Music Editor at the BBC, Mark Dooley, Head of Contemporary Music at Peters Edition and Tim Williams, Director of Psappha
* and workshops on career-related issues.

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